Check Your Sleep Insight At Home

Comfortly test your respiratory quality during sleep from anywhere

Have you ever checked whether you have sleep apnea?

More than 80% of people who have sleep apnea do not know they have it

Sleep apnea leads to more than just bad sleep. It can drastically increase your risk for multiple heart-related diseases.

Multiple-Days Check-Up Your Sleep At Your Home

If you already know you might have a breathing problem during sleep, you can apply for the B-Sense 3-Days service. Our advanced AI is validated with 88% agreement with the result diagnosed by sleep experts using the PSG test in the Thai population. You can comfortably sleep with B-Sense wearable device for multiple days, and we will send you your sleep report within one week.

  • Multiple-Day Sleep Insight

  • More Comfortable with Only Sensor on Your Finger

  • AI-Validated with PSG Test in Thai Cohort

Full-Overnight Physiological Data Analysis

We provides overnight report with your important data and sleep distribution analysis for further investigation.

  • Predicted Respiratory Arousal Level (pRAI)

  • Oxygen Desaturation Index (ODI)

  • Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate

Help Your Employee Better Sleep with SensAI

Say goodbye to sleep deprivation of employee in the meeting. With our cutting-edge technology also available for corporate wellness.

Promote Employee Well-being

B-Sense help your employee getting to know about their sleep issue and habit for identify early warnings of disease.

Human Resource Policy

Tailor your human resource policy based on data-driven technology. What if you can understand more of your employee habit and make policy matches on the employees to promote retention.





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